Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Soul Journeys

In my undergraduate studies at the University of Ballarat, I discovered a unique style to develop my expression, taken from the surrealist automatic drawing technique of making marks on the support and communicating with what is found.

I have been experimenting with automatic mark making and line since 1995, progressing to this body of work. I have called these paintings “Soul Journeys”, as this has been a recurring theme for me. The “Souls” depicted by eternal circles appear to be traveling through time surrounded by the lines which beg to suggest some sort of intelligence and inspirations.

Of course, the paintings are open to viewer interpretation as I agree with a comment made by Picasso that "A work of art is not thought out and settled beforehand. While it is being done, it changes as ones thoughts change. And when it is finished it still goes on changing, according to the state of the mind of whoever is looking at it."
I hope you enjoy viewing “Soul Journeys” as I have creating them.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

About Father's Tears

Jesus Christ is central in my life, the cross reminds me of Jesus' atonement and cruxificion, with the angels on the left in white, waiting, and the Devil and his hosts in red at the bottom of the painting. Heavenly Father is looking from above, shedding his tears.

This is my interpretation of this painting and you are welcome to interprete this painting the way you choose.

I would love to see what you think of this painting, so please comment on it.