Friday, February 18, 2011

Marcia King-take a leap @ Space22

Helamen says, the jumps and leaping activities of the drawings were breathtaking. They convey the feeling of the art of Le Parkour, and the ideas expounded by Marcia was quite novel to me. I cannot do justice to her, without the lengthy quotes of her ideas of 'taking a leap',  or starting a new, so I refrain here. These few images will hopefully convey the feelings of her drawings and her concepts.

Helamen says impressive!

take a leap


Le Parkour 5



Le Parkour 8


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Michael Grant's Buna @ Post Office Gallery

Michael Grant's Buna paintings depicts the sensitive and emphathises with the fallen Aussie diggers at Pupua in the WWII, these paintings were for his Masters degree at the University of Ballarat. He travelled widely in Pupua for his research studies. Helamen says he likes the paintings although some of the faces depicting were a little horrifying for his taste.


Michael Grant Buna 1


Michael Grant Buna 2


Michael Grant Buna 3

Dawn's painting update

Freshly painted this morning


Dawn's newest painting

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Amy Devereux and Peader Thomas@Arthur

Helamen says, we went to Amy Devereux and Peader Thomas show @Arthur Gallery.

Peader does very detailed fine black ink on paper and compliments Amy's colourful watercolour collages. Good show, should get a lot of sales. Their collaborative and solo works were inspired by the movie "Lady Hawk" with Michelle Peiffer.



Amy Devereux and Peader Thomas


Amy Devereux and Peader Thomas drawings


ary devereux drawings 2

Dawn's latest painting

Helamen says, "Dawn's latest painting". A big departure from her usual abstract pieces, this one is simple but quite nice I thought.


dawn and 2011 painting