Monday, May 30, 2011

Dawn's Golden Oldies

coco and baby



line drawing coco

Dawn's lastest small paintings


dawn 2

May 2011 at Red Brick Gallery



stark nude





I love this series below.





May 2011 art shows in Ballarat


Space 22 has 




MAY 26 – JUNE 12

For both Lyn Dickson and Cody Joy their art materials, what they work with and what they make art with, provide the inspirations that result in their sophisticated pieces. (quoted from Space22 blog: )

Gallery 1:



Joy and Lim


I liked the statement Cody made about her art and have included it below


joy statement


The second exhibition at Space22 had a variety of art pieces, but I did not like to comment on, because it was not my cuppa tea, but don't be put off by me, take a look yourself, its a mixed media pieces.

Gallery 2:


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

An interesting letter?

Helamen wrote this on behalf of Dawn:

Received an email about offer to exhibit and to be in an arts magazine and immediately emailed Dawn's previous art mentor, Emma Barrance about it.

Googled this scam on the internet and surely enough Helen's Blog was writing about it.

"Geeze, hard enough earning a living as an artist, but getting scam emails all the time is disheartening."!!/

Activating and Protecting our Arts and Cultural Heritage

Emma Barrance has started a group page for "Activating and Protecting our Arts and Cultural Heritage", on facebook for "the art scene in Ballarat". This should be a healthy forum and has already has over 100 participants. Overtime we would hope to see a growing and interesting dialogue about art in the Rat.




Saturday, May 07, 2011

Arthur Gallery last time Opening

Big crowd tonight, Pauline O'Shannessy-Dowling and Sandra Riddell were exhibiting. Sandra's art started with pointillism to realist to abstract styles. Her depiction of trees and sky were quite remarkable.
Pauline's simple hand-drawn line paintings were totally different. The organic lies evolved into biomorphic forms which emerged into beautiful landscapes. Very tedious handiwork.

Artist Interview-Dawn Lim by Carolyn Broome

heres a transcript of the interview in case you can't download the video



Professional Art Practice


Carolyn Broome 30072547


DAWN LIM. B.A.(Hons) University of Ballarat

Contemporary Artist and Outsider Artist.


Transcript of Interview by Carolyn Broome 14th March 2011, recorded on DVD,

at the Artist's residence, Burrumbeet, Victoria.


Carolyn: I would like to introduce you to Dawn Lim who is a Victorian Contemporary Artist and Outsider Artist. What does 'Outsider artist' mean Dawn?


Dawn: Outsider artists are a group of people, who have mental health issues and support and encourage one another. There are opportunities to be part of special exhibitions, that promote awareness of health issues.

I have had a tough time myself and can relate to the group and its goals.The beginnings of such groups of artists had its origin amongst the patients of mental health hospitals in Germany in about 1800. They were producing work descibed as Brute art, later known as Raw Art and today referered to as Outsider Art, which envolves untaught artists, who paint emotionally and intuitivly.


Carolyn: What do you love about your present work?


Dawn: I love my work now. In the beginning, I was self-taught and did a lot of drawing. I enjoyed copying and working on portraits. I have done lots of natural landscapes too. While at University in Ballarat, I was drawn to Abstraction, as a preference. I have conceptual ideals in my work and as I work more spiritually. I continue using the skills I learned early in my painting life.


Carolyn: What do you enjoy most about your work?


Dawn: I like the inner feelings and freedoms as I use colour to express my ideas and as I struggle to make a picture work.


Carolyn: How much does colour feature in your work ?


Dawn:Well, I like lots of colour. I seem naturally able to see contrasts and hues that bounce from one another, therefore I use a lot of colour. Every painting will have a different colour balance.


Carolyn: Where do you get the inspiration for your work?


Dawn: At Uni I admired and gained inspiration from the works of Elizabeth Cummings and Aida Tomescu. Then, I was stimulated by the De Kooning series of works. Then I found the ideals and work of Ian Fairweather very inspiring and also there was Tony Tucson, all of these I featured in my University studies.


Carolyn: What was the most challenging part to the development of your abstract work?


Dawn: Well, I dont know, but I can produce works and then think about the intent later. Firstly these works come from within me.


Carolyn:I know you are a teacher, do you enjoy that?


Dawn: Yes, I love teaching. I love to see the happy people and the results of their work. The students are always happy with my instruction and I think I support them well.


Carolyn: Have you had mentors and support in your painting life?


Dawn: Oh, yes, Loris Button was a mentor, she helped me in 2008 in my honours year, she gave lots of encouragement in my painting and reinforced my chosen style. She really boosted my confidence.


Carolyn: How many exhibitions have you had?


Dawn: Quite a few. One in particular in 2007 simply came to be, when I thought about applying for something … anything. After a prayer, I closed my eyes and opened the free magazine, Trouble.Then I placed my finger at random on a spot and rang the gallery indicated by my random choice.


Carolyn: What was the name of the Gallery?


Dawn: The Mad Cafe & Gallery, at Lancefield and in two weeks time, I had an exhibition at that gallery. It worked out that the owner of the gallery, had a daughter who had met with a motor bike accident. This meant much time and attention had been spent on her and therefore artist bookings were neglected making a gap in the gallery's schedule. I rang at the perfect time and was well received in my request for an exhibition.

John Nightingale, the gallery owner, had many contacts , many of them in Melbourne. He promoted his gallery very professionally and my exhibition was well patronised, resulting in the sale of seven large canvases and I made a lot of money. Eveb after paying the 35% gallery costs, I was thrilled.


Carolyn: Were there any special requests from this gallery?


Dawn: No, but there were when I went to the Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne . It was worth going to that one as I received, because of my attendance, three other invites from gallery owners wanting me to show my work. One was to a Gallery in Geelong, testing to see if I would fit in to their preferred profile for their customers. Another was a gallery in Prahan ans the third, a Gallery in Toorak, where I did have an exhibition in 2007. In addition since the Melbourne exhibition, I have had exhibitions in Ballarat at the Arthur Gallery and Sturt St Gallery and some further exhibitions at the MAD gallery in Lancefield, have followed.


Carolyn: Did you arrange contracts, release forms, and meet GST and other requirements? How did you manage those official and financial requirements?


Dawn: Well, I have been blessed with a husband, who has the skills to handle these details. In addition, he has built a web site and keeps it up to date, by handling the blogs and uploading photos. He organises all the tax and use of ABN etc.


Carolyn:Have you applied for and received any grants?




Dawn:Yes I have and I think I applied for too much money, which rulled me out. Many liked my work and and said favourable comments about my works, but no grants were forth coming. I was the recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship in my honours year.


Carolyn: Do you visit many Galleries and opening events?


Dawn: Yes I do, when I left Uni in 1996, I went every month to Melbourne. For several years, I attended openings. Now I attend all I can in Ballarat, there are a lot of good galleries here now.


Carolyn: How do you transport your large canvases?


Dawn: Simple we bought a panel van.



Carolyn:Have you any advice for up and coming students?


Dawn: Keep working at becoming artists, listen to your teachers and mentors, dont give up, keep going, follow your heart. Look to the Government support agencies for support, even advise from gallery owners on how to present your work.


Carolyn: Do you follow the guidelines yourself?


Dawn:Yes I do.


Carolyn: Thank you Dawn for your interview today, it has been very informative, I have enjoyed hearing from you and other will be helped as they watch and listen.



Artist Interview-Dawn Lim by Carolyn Broome