Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Melbourne Art 2009

This is the second painting sold. Dawn painted this one early 2009.

Dawn made some good contacts with art professionals at the Show and hoped to be able to exhibit in Melbourne.

Dawn's art had very good exposure there, a lot of the visitors liked what Dawn has done.

The Australian public in general do not like or understand contemporary abstract art, but those that do, really enjoyed looking at Dawn's art and commented on how good they were.

Melbourne Art 2009

This painting sold at the Art Show. It was an exciting event for Dawn.
We did not stay overnight in Melbourne, but drove home every night. It was very tiring. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Melbourne Art Fair 2009

Art Fair Melbourne 2009

This weekend, Dawn exhibited at the Exhibition Building on the Carlton Park.

Heaps of people came through, sometimes it was even difficult to walk against the traffic coming in. It was so crowded.

This was the first year they let artists' run their own mini-gallery.

Dawn sold one painting today. Tomorrow is the last day.

Exhibition at Arthur Gallery, Ballarat

We made a few bookmarks, for this exhibition. The show was good, but no sales.

There wasn't much walkin traffic and the gallery wasn't in a good position. The gallery will be moving to a better spot up the street.