Thursday, August 07, 2008

Arts Academy exhibition

Today, we drove back from Kyneton where we have had a holiday. We dropped into the Post Office gallery to look at the art of some of the students from the visual art department at the University of Ballarat's Art Academy.
Dawn couldn't find her piece of art there and worried that the frames of that painting had buckled, or the canvas was damaged.
Then when we went back to the opening tonight, she found her painting was in the only window of the gallery, and passers-by could see her painting. It was in the most prominent display of all the gallery and an honour.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Luddite turns

Dawn was given a computer in addition to her scholarship. She has never own a computer. And besides, she was not very technical minded, I used to call her a Luddite, people who dislikes technology. Now she is having a lot of joy on her own computer.
Dawn has nearly completed her exegesis, nearly finished Chapter One. She also has to talk about her art in three weeks time. She has done well, and worked consistently whenever she has a chance and goes to her studio at uni.
Everything looks good for her Honours year in Painting.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

uni scholarship

Exciting day for Dawn, she has been awarded with a scholarship to pay for educational costs for her year in the Honours degree in Bachelor of Visual Arts - painting.
Now she can buy all the canvas and paints she wants. After not hearing anything about her application, she was pleasantly surprised to receive the news.
At uni, Dawn has been working hard, painting and researching her proposal. Her mentor, Lois Button has been very helpful to her, she is a very nice person and teacher. I think Dawn will progress in leaps and bounds now. Some of her new works are already suitable for the end of year assessments.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter already over

Easter is over already and the uni is closed for holidays. Dawn has finished exhibition at Radmac and now she is preparing to exhibit at Mad Gallery. 'Fresh Abstraction' is the exhibition and will feature a lot of 2008 artworks. Carolyn will also be exhibiting at the same time.

A preview of the exhibits is at
3 of the paintings is already approved for her Honours degree end of the year. Dawn is very thrilled.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dawn at Uni

Dawn is busy, painting at her studio as an honours student. She has now enrolled in the Bachelor degree in Visual Arts - Painting with honours. This course will be for this year only.
Dawn has been enjoying painting this series. She has been experimenting with colour and line in a painterly manner ever since she graduated.