Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paintings sold this year

This painting, Jugging was sold this year along with the next one, Bird in the Bush and another, Father's Tears.

Bird in the Bush was one of the newest painting done this year and sold as soon as it was finished.

Father's Tears goes back a few years and I have written a blog about it a few years ago.


Bird in the Bush

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Michael Morgan's exhibition

Today we went to Michael Morgan's exhibition at the Convent in Daylesford. Michael was a fellow student and later casual staff during Dawn's undergraduate years at the Univerity. His exhibition was in the same style that we know he paints in. Brightly coloured and busy. It was his birthday too.

Michael Grant's exhibition

We went to Michael Grant's Prelude closing exhibition yesterday. It was fitting for this weekend being ANZAC day on Sunday. Michael was inspired by the battlefields of Papua New Guinea during his two visits there. The little painting exploration on show was a prelude to his future exhibitions for this year. Very good show.