Saturday, August 14, 2010

Opening of Debbie Loyld's art exhibition at Space22

Debbie Loyld's exhibition is interesting in the way she creates patterns with folded paper. It would drive me crazy folding thousands of little pieces of printed paper into patterns. Needs a lot of patience and precision fiddling with these if you are so inclined. Doug Wright opened her exhibition.

Connected10 Art Exhibition

Dawn entered the art exhibition and sold her painting even before the show was opened. There was a lot of entries and it was held at Melbourne Central in the main walkway to Myer. It was a well exposed area in Melbourne and we had breakfast there. It was opened by the Treasurer of  Victoria.

Friday, August 06, 2010

This weeks art exhibitions we saw

Starting from Sunday we went to the Geelong Gallery to see the Fletcher Jones 2010 $30,000.00 art prize. The winner was a piece that we didn't like. It had a Jaba like person (as in Star Wars movie) on a rock which was greyish in colour and reminded me of the American Hollywood influence from the movie. Aweful. Some of the other acquired pieces were much better art than this I thought.

Then today we went to Space 22 to see "the weather project", there was a really interesting installation of Erin McCuskey and Emma Stoneman.

Then we went to see the art students' exhibition at the Post Office Gallery of the University of Ballarat.
We saw Carolyn's altered book.

This piece reminded me of the book art of years past that was quite a favourite with craft hobbists.