Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dawn's art classes

Dawn has been teaching art at Radmac and I think this is her 3rd year. It started with Carolyn's instigation at church and then she hired a space at Radmac and has been at it ever since.

This year we are preparing a workshop with a powerpoint presentation and hope to have the first draft to show her mentor end of this month.

Art in Ballarat

There are about a dozen art exhibitions in Ballarat this month. We have been to see a few, and I like the different mediums and genres there are, such a good variety for a small regional cetre like Ballarat.

The most interesting show, I like is the one of Gordon Monro's difference engine, (photos below) and an article in the newest art newsletter describing it.

Next I also liked Robyn Redman's show, especially the landscapes.