Friday, February 20, 2009

Dawn's painting 2008

Dawn has started to sell her 2008 paintings.
This one has been sold to a doctor for his clinic. The doctor's wife bought it and was very lucky to get this piece. Some one had already wanted it and her husband did not like it. Another collector wanted it but thought it was sold.
Dawn is having all her 2008 paintings at Arthur Gallery in Ballarat. Then she is having another show with the Melbourne Art Show 2009. Hopefully, she might not have soldout, and leaving no paintings for the Melbourne Show. 
This lot of paintings was shown at her Honours year at University of Ballarat last year. She had received rave reviews of her paintings and awarded a High Distinction for her paintings. This sold piece was shown at the Uni's Post Office Gallery with another one, the Blue coloured paintings and was the first one to sell.