Friday, February 19, 2010

Dawn's artist statement

dawn lim

abstract art and my spirituality

“When I start to paint I have no preconceived idea of what I want to do, just a feeling in my soul that I want to paint. Then I choose some colours and I begin mark making, helping me to create. The technique of mark making was first introduced by The Surrealist Andre Breton. It was called automatic drawing. This method has been invaluable to me, helping me create, not just copy. My paintings are also informed by a few artists, Elizabeth Cummings, Aida Tomescu, Willem De Kooning and Tony Tucson.

I pray before I paint, that I may be inspired and that I may enjoy a spiritual experience while I work. The subjects of my paintings are elusive and take a while before I may see any subject in them at all. They may not mean anything, because they are abstract, but sometimes I find a reflection of my sub conscious, or spirituality within them.

Some are informed by the world around me, such as climate change, lack of morals, or the violence and hopelessness in the world today but of course I also have some light hearted paintings, because after all I believe we are here to have joy.”

Dawn is a Ballarat artist who has lived here for 27 years. She also takes private & group art classes, taking students from where they are at and helping them to move on.